Veo Electric Car Charger Branding

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Veo is a charging company ready to serve all Electric Vehicle drivers, inspired by the hope for a world where EV chargers are as common as gas stations.

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Initial concepts ranged from plugs with faces to dinosaurs (I was convinced there was some sort of joke in there about fossil fuels, but only I thought it was funny!)



The idea of both a plug and the relationship between positive and negative were explored and would later be integral.



Faces continued to dominate my ideation, but they felt too childish.




pres jpgs16

After exploration of the plug face, I settled in on the idea of a faceless plug which felt less forced and gimmicky.




The symbol was inspired by two crucial elements to the function of EVs: the plug and the positive/negative relationship of a battery. The plus sign sits nestled inside the plug with its’ negative counterpart jutting out from it through the use of negative space. pres jpgs18

To avoid cliche I stayed away from blues and greens, colors perceived as eco and energy friendly. Purple is a color not often utilized in the fuel industry, so its use will allow Veo to stand out. pres jpgs19pres jpgs20


An app was an essential component to the Veo brand, as it is what allows the user to easily maintain their EV’s battery levels, Veo locations, and charging history.

Veo App SpreadsVeo App Spreads2

Veo Gas Sign

The intention with Veo is for it to become the everyman’s EV Charging company. Veo would exist in a world where charging stations are as common as gas stations, rather than seen as a luxury.

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