Seduire Restaurant Program

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Seduire is a French-Southern fusion restaurant where mushrooms take the center stage.


Seduire_FrontMenuPersonInspired by the seductive, mysterious nature of the deep Southern forests where Seduire’s mushrooms are foraged, the branding and menu design elevates mushrooms with a romantic, ethereal quality.


Forage with Us Cookbook + Journal

Book_heldfrontForage with Us is a cookbook inspired by the head chef, Ancil, and his wife, Sarah. Part journal detailing their love story, part delicious mushroom recipes, Forage with Us allows diners to bring the magic of Seduire home with them.



website mockupwebsite mockup2website mockup3screen shot 2019-01-29 at 11.58.08 pmSeduire’s site allows the user to view the menu on the go and learn more about the story behind the restaurant.

Forage through my process.