Low Saxon Brewery Package Design

Print, art direction 

Low Saxon was inspired by the often unappreciated historical merriment of the Middle Ages. The term “Low Saxon” refers to a dialect spoken by Europeans that emerged during the Middle Ages. Low Saxon is still spoken by many people around the world, specifically in Germany and the Netherlands. At Low Saxon, we encourage you to get a little Medieval!

All illustrations created by Noah Cutter Meihoff, all design made by Courtney M. Cheshire

bottlesLow Saxon is proud to give you Candlestick ConquerorHard Boiled, and Rain or Shine three Nursery Rhyme themed brews to make you want to conquer any obstacle in your way! Why take it back to childhood songs ? Many nursery rhymes originated in the Low Saxon dialect! It’s good for everyone to go back to their roots, dontcha think?CandlestickBox1CandlestickFrontHardboiledBox1HardBoiledFrontRainOrShineBox1RainorShineFront