Feeling Clean is Good Enough

Print, promotional 


Willem Dafoe has graced the silver screen in a wide variety of roles ranging from Jesus Christ to the Green Goblin, but his personal life is decidedly un-Hollywood. While many stars ride expensive motorcycles or yacht around the world in their downtime, Dafoe’s greatest pleasure comes from a daily activity many people dread: laundry.

Follow one of Hollywood’s most humble members as he guides us through the laundry process, the wonders of which can only be seen through the expressive eyes of Willem Dafoe.

wash in book store

To promote the book series and avoid waste that goes into temporary shelf talkers I created a series of animations relating to the physical transformation of the type (washing, drying, and folding). These would be displayed on digital displays in bookstores and libraries, showing how well print and digital design can support each other.


Combining digital manipulation and physical means like xeroxing printed typography and hand folding cut out words, the book jackets for the series make the basic process of laundry a bit more exciting.


wash final layoutdry final layoutfold final layout

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